The People We Help

The Making of a Mensch

Ella's Jewish day school opened her eyes to ways she could make a difference in ways large and small.

Experiencing Israel First-Hand

By age 13, Sarah had been hearing how special Israel is for years, but now that she's seen it for herself, she is hopelessly, madly, and deeply in love.

Inspiring Acts of Kindness

There was a family in town whose mom needed to go into New York every afternoon for cancer treatments. Her her twins came home after school to an empty house and made their own dinner. This caring community responded with help.

Leading Comes Naturally

Sam and her mom made a dear friend in Anna, a Holocaust survivor. It's one of many ways they give back in the community.

Committing to Klal Yisrael

When Dan fell through the cracks, Crossroads helped him get his life back on track again.