The People We Help

Volunteering Surprised Bridgette

Bridgette thought volunteering would be about her helping others, but she says the experience did more for her than anyone else.

Nurturing a Jewish Soul

Once a month, when five-year-old Lilly's PJ Library package arrives in the mail, she squeals with delight. She and mom, Jane, love reading and learning about Jewish traditions, foods, and, holidays together.

Reconnecting Galina

Entering college, Galina traded her Orthodox traditions for more secular practices. Birthright Israel led her to reimagine and return to a Jewish identity that felt right for her.

The Making of a Mensch

Ella's Jewish day school opened her eyes to ways she could make a difference in ways large and small.

Experiencing Israel First-Hand

By age 13, Sarah had been hearing how special Israel is for years, but now that she's seen it for herself, she is hopelessly, madly, and deeply in love.