Eitanim, an initiative by the Israeli American Council, is a unique leadership and entrepreneurship project-based program for high school students that allows them to connect, explore, and experience Israel while preparing for college and developing professional skills. 


Innovate, Create, and Lead


Eitanim provides career, leadership, and life skills for teens passionate about connecting with Israel's people, entrepreneurship, innovation, and contributions to the world. 

With the help of mentors from the community, IAC Eitanim empowers the teenagers to be active in their community, engaging with the Israeli and Jewish American central challenges while promoting a mindset of entrepreneurship, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and other soft skills.

  • Connect to Israel and the community through real challenges

  • Work with peers, mentors, and experts

  • Develop leadership and create innovative ideas and solutions

​The first group will open February 10, in Congregation Young Israel of East Brunswick. A $150 fee for all meetings, including dinner, materials, and more.


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