29 2017

TranscenDanceGroup Presents G*D

8:30PM - 10:30PM  

Axelrod Performing Arts Center 100 Grant Avenue
Deal Park, NJ 07723


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New York contemporary dance troupe, TranscenDanceGroup, led by choreographer Gabriel Chajnik, perform an original work G*D, a multimedia dance play based on the true story of Haim Tzvi Rosmarin, a Polish Holocaust survivor who after liberation settled in Argentina. Haim wrote a testimony to his family’s survival which his daughter Hannah, Gabriel’s cousin, published in both Yiddish and Spanish. Gabriel created this play in his honor of his uncle, with a film by Joseph Rodman, lighting design by Yuriy Nayer and an original score. The program features renowned violinist Niv Ashkenazi, winner of the 2010 American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition.