Israeli Shinshinim (Teen Ambassadors) 

Meet Maya and Dana! The Jewish Agency's Shinshinim are high-school graduates who choose to defer their military service for a year of service abroad. Shinshinim is a Hebrew acronym for 'shnat sherut,' meaning "year of service." 



Community Engagement

For an entire year, Maya and Dana will be:
  • working with educational directors
  • enhancing curriculum with Israel-related content
  • celebrating Jewish and Israeli holidays
  • bringing Israeli-scout-style (teamwork and leadership) skills to youth groups
  • hosting Friday night dinners at synagogues and Saturday morning youth programs
  • visiting with local seniors and Holocaust survivors
  • planning an Israel Teen Summit (November 18)
  • organizing peer-to-peer talks and presentations
and so much more! 

Hebrew Word of the Week


יום שישי means Friday! We wish you all Shabbat Shalom and enjoy your 'Yom Sheeshee!'


Past Hebrew Words of the Week


In Israel, we changed the clocks this week, which means Aviv is coming! The flowers are about to start blooming and the weather goes back to being sunny and great!

The Hebrew word of the week: Hoshev – think. We all think about Purim and in Israel, Purim is a very big holiday for everyone, especially for kids. Everyone dresses up in costumes and there is a big celebration!

bait - home.png

Bayit – home. Maya and Dana are flying home today for mid-year break. See you soon!

מילים עברית - invite.PNG

Lehazmin – invite. In Israel, it is very common to invite friends over to your house for an afternoon. Hope you’ll invite a friend this week too!

צמחוני - Tzimhoni – Vegetarian.PNG

Tzimhoni – which means Vegetarian. Did you know that there a lot of vegetarian restaurants and products in Israel? Now you do!


Yom Kippur in Israel

What does Yom Kippur mean to Israelis? How do they observe the holiday in the Holy Land?
Maya and Dana created a booklet all about Yom Kippur – full of quotes, songs, and more.