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The Jewish Federation Issues Statement About Recent Violence | 10/16/15




The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey expresses solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel who have been facing a wave of lone-wolf and other terrorist attacks.  Dozens of innocent civilians have been injured and killed in knifings, shootings and car-rammings throughout Jerusalem and across the country. 


We are deeply troubled by:


- The one-sided media coverage of these attacks that is, sadly and too often, blaming law enforcement and other individuals who put themselves at risk to protect the victims instead of focusing on the perpetrators of the attacks,


- The double-standard exhibited by many journalists and world leaders who loudly decry perceived Israeli aggression against Palestinians but who are silent when it comes to attacks, threats and terror against Israelis, and


- The statements made by many “leaders” involved in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (and the Middle East in general) denying the legitimacy of the other side, thus fanning the flames of the conflict – such as recent statements by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denying Jewish ties to the Temple and Jerusalem.  There will be no possibility for peace in the Middle East unless and until each party recognizes the legitimacy of the other and proactively works to counter extremists. 


The Jewish Federation calls on our community to do what we do when our family is hurt, afraid and in trouble:


1) Reach out to them and let them know you care.  If you know people in Israel, please give them a call, write them a note, or send flowers for Shabbat.  If you don’t know who to contact, please sign our virtual card in solidarity with the people of Israel.  


2) Show your support for those most affected by the current situation. The Jewish Federation supports a special fund for victims of terror through our partners at the Jewish Agency for Israel.  We also support vulnerable populations in Israel every day – often those hit hardest by difficult circumstances – through our overseas grants. DONATE NOW 


3) Consider showing your solidarity by going to Israel yourself.  Plan a trip or join us on one of ours. MISSIONS & TRIPS   


4) Share your concerns with others.  Those who just follow the headlines may have an incomplete picture of what is going on.  We will be posting an Israel News Digest on a regular basis to help educate our community. 


Or, if you are on Facebook or Twitter and want to help share important news and perspectives, please let us know by contacting us at:  We will send relevant and compelling commentary and reporting for you to post and share with your networks.

Statement from the Rabbinic Association in the Heart of New Jersey | 10/15/15


The Rabbinic Association in the Heart of NJ stands by the citizens of Israel who, all too clearly, stand on the front lines against Palestinian terrorists. Although the challenge is daunting, the spirit of Israel will never be broken. As the psalmist says, "I have set God before me. Surely God is at my right hand, I shall not be moved" (Psalms 16:8). We affirm the right of the State of Israel to defend its citizens and we ask all members of our community, especially during this week's Unity with Israel Shabbat, to pray that God should restore peace and security to the State of Israel and to heal a broken world.


Rabbi Jay Weinstein, President
Rabbi David Vaisberg, Vice President
Rabbi Ari Saks, Secretary