Got Summer plans?

The Jewish Federation is offering scholarships for camp and Israel travel to some special individuals in our community. Who? Any youth from Greater Middlesex and Monmouth Counties for need-based camp scholarships to a Jewish, non-profit summer camp. And any Jewish high school student going o…

25 years later: Operation Exodus

A message from Dr. Misha Galperin, President and CEO of Jewish Agency for Israel International Development

Dear Friends,

As Passover approaches, we are celebrating both ancient and modern-day Exoduses – this year marks 25 years since the historic Aliyah from the Soviet Union, with the fa…

Do More for Moore:Volunteer with AJSS in Oklahoma City this summer

Last night, a tornado struck Moore, OK

Send more than your thoughts and prayers to Moore.


Build homes.

Feed families.

Change lives.

Come volunteer with AJSS in Oklahoma City this summer.

Tributes and Memorial Gifts - March 2015

Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County
To Marci and Steven Zeidwerg, Mazel Tov on their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, from the Antman Family, the Federation Board and Staff; to Sherri and Jonathan Lerner and Family, in memory of Esther Hershkowitz, from the Federation Board and Staff, Laura …

ADL Audit: Anti-Semitic Incidents in New Jersey Rise 27 Percent in 2014

Troubled times for the Jewish community in New Jersey. This recent survey from the ADL provides support for what many have felt and feared - an increase in anti-Semitic attitudes and incidents in our own backyards. While the coverage of Israel in the news may be a contributing factor in thes…