Ongoing Crisis In Ukraine

From the desk of Michael Siegal, Chair, Board of Trustees of The Jewish Federations of North America

Dear Friends,

Nearly a year has passed since pro-Russian separatists began battling Ukrainian forces in the eastern party of the country, and once again Jews are in danger. There are 5.2 mi…

ISIS in New Jersey: How big a threat?

Keith Krivitzky, CEO of The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey, contributed to a conversation about how we, locally, should also be concerned about ISIS and the rise of other extremism.

By Shannon Mullen, Staff Writer, Asbury Park Press

March 21, 2015

Is there an ISIS wannabe li…

Federation Insider: The 2015 Israeli Election for Prime Minister

We applaud our friends and family in Israel on their successful election this past Tuesday. Israel is the one country in the Middle East with fully free elections, where Jews, Arabs, Druze, Christians, Muslims can vote their conscience and speak their minds. With participation above 75% of a…

Updated: JFNA Summarizes the Upcoming Elections in Israel

From the desk of Jerry Silverman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Jewish Federations of North America

Dear Colleagues,

Our Israel office informs us that Israel Radio is reporting that with 99% of the votes counted, the Likud Party headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a…

A letter about shared goals and the U.S.-Israel relationship

This morning we were honored to attend the address delivered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the United States Congress...