The People We Help

Changing Lives Every Day


80-something, Edie, was malnourished until a neighbor connected her with Federation-supported kosher meals on wheels. Middle-schooler Stacie did not want to be Jewish until a Federation-supported summer camp made her feel she belonged. Viktor was trapped without medication in war-torn Ukraine until a Federation partner arranged for him to safely see his doctor. 


Impact stories show how the Federation, partners, and supporters like YOU change people's lives every day. 

Inspiring Jesse

Jesse had no friends until a Federation-funded program for people with special needs changed his world. When Jesse was diagnosed with Autism, his parents felt heartbroken and alone. The youngest of three, Jesse saw his siblings have fun with friends. When he asked why his brother and…

Thriving Together

16-year-old Reva tried to stay invisible until Federation programs inspired her to step up and speak up for herself — and others. JTeam and JSERVE inspired Reva to take her place in a community thriving together. The teen years can be brutal...

Sparking a Jewish Soul

Every day after school, five-year-old Lilly runs to her front door and grabs the mail, hoping to find a blue and white package. Once a month, when the package arrives, she squeals with delight and rips it open.

Thanking Those Who Make a Difference

“I arrived in Auschwitz but despite being tiny and thin, I managed to avoid the crematoriums. I was assigned to backbreaking jobs like stone quarrying and survived because of my strong will to live, as well as being smart and small. I survived in all sorts of ways – with tricks I…

Enlightening Galina

“Growing up in a Modern Orthodox community, I was constantly exposed to Judaism, religion, and Israel – maybe a little too much. As I grew up, I fled from my roots and decided I wanted to be a part of a more secular world; I lost faith in what I had always known. I had the opportunity to…