Give To a Specific Need 

If you are passionate about a particular cause, make your impact where it means the most to you. Currently,  Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey provides opportunities to target giving to enhance security, fight anti-Semitism, aid those in need, and foster experiences for kids to strengthen the Jewish future. Thank you for your support.


Give to Enhance Security

Jewish Federation is building on $4 million in security enhancements for dozens of Jewish organizations from Asbury Park to Highland Park to Kendall Park and beyond. 


Give for Those in Need

Support kosher meals on wheels, in-home care for Holocaust survivors, mental health counseling, addiction treatment, inclusion for people with special needs, aid for families in crisis, and much more.



Give to Fight Anti-Semitism

Support Federation community relations, education, and advocacy initiatives with Jewish, interfaith, and civic partners throughout the private and public sectors to stem hate.  


Give for a Strong Jewish Future

Federation is fostering joyful, meaningful, inspiring, and educational Jewish experiences for kids from birth through college to invest in a strong Jewish future.



See How Your Dollars Make a Difference

  • For the Needy in Israel

    We all know that kid – the one who shines a little brighter, does things just a little better, makes people feel good about themselves. Erez was that kid. Then something changed, and by his third year in high school, he was a different kid...

  • Educating Future Generations

    Five-year-old Lilly loves learning about Jewish holidays, food, & traditions from the free PJ Library books she receives monthly in the mail. She reads them with mom, Jane, who was raised Lutheran and loves learning along...

  • For Vulnerable Seniors

    Edie is eighty-something and lives alone. Her neighbors were concerned because they knew she had some memory issues and admitted she hadn’t been eating regularly. They connected her with Kosher Meals On Wheels and saved Edie...

  • For Kids in Need

    Mark’s wife, Miriam, lives in a long-term care facility for mental illness. Mark cares for their children 9, 12, and 13. He works two jobs and had two heart attacks in the last 5 years. Jewish Social Services sends Mark a food card each month...

  • For Holocaust Survivors

    Charlie’s a widowed Holocaust survivor, determined to live out his life as independently as possible. His daughter visits often, but realized she could no longer deal effectively with her dad’s increasing day-to-day needs...

  • When Crisis Strikes

    With random violence becoming rampant in daily news reports, and anti-Semitism growing at home and abroad, the Jewish Federation sees security awareness and preparedness as a pressing need for the Jewish community...