Who We Are

Our Mission


The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey, serving Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties, brings together people, partners, and resources to fill pressing needs in Jewish life locally and worldwide.


We care for the vulnerable, inspire the next generation to embrace Jewish life, forge strong connections with Israel and overseas, and enhance access to a vibrant community.

Our Impact


Caring for people in need • helping seniors age with dignity • supporting families with special needs • sparking young people's Jewish souls with joyful and formative experiences • educating future leaders • expanding access to a vibrant community • advocating issues with civic and world leaders • connecting every Jew to the collective Jewish family MORE

Our Professional Team


Susan Antman, Executive Vice President email


Linda Benish, JTeam Teen Coordinator email


Janice Brand, Director of Operations email


Vessy Dusichka, Director of Finance & Administration email


Jeffrey Hersch, Marketing & Communications Assistant email


Elena Herskowitz, Chief Development Officer email


Lisa Karasic, Director of Marketing & Communications email

Our Partners


Jewish Federation convenes and empowers partner organizations to deliver strategic programs, services, and solutions that meet the pressing needs in Jewish life. Our partners include social service agencies, synagogues, schools, cultural institutions, and more. 






Amy Keller, Director of Community Programs email


Keith Krivitzky, Chief Executive Officer email


Rosalyn Perrone, Executive Assistant email


Paul Rovinsky, Director, Jewish Community Foundation email

Dan Rozett, Community Relations Manager email

Laura Safran, Director of Community Impact email

Kelly Scarano, Bookkeeper email

Our Leadership



Jeffrey Schwartz, President
Amy Mallet, 1st Vice President
Michelle Fields, 2nd Vice President 
Murray Katz, Treasurer
Cheryl Markbreiter, Secretary

Keith Krivitzky, Chief Executive Officer
Susan Antman, Executive Vice President 


Executive Committee 
Joel Krinsky
Naomi Lasky

Adrienne Ross
Jeffrey Schwartz
Roy Tanzman


Committee Chairs

Joel Krinsky, Governance
Naomi Lasky, Community Relations

Adrienne Ross, Impact
Jeffrey Schwartz, Executive Committee
Roy Tanzman, Financial Resource Development


Immediate Past President
Mitchell Frumkin 

Leadership Council
Sheryl Grutman
​Eliot Spack 




Maurie Backman
Ruth Bash 
Linda Benish 
Linda Block
Jennifer Bullock 
Jay Fields
Joan Fischer
Deborah Friedman 
Cindy Gittleman
Meryl Gonchar 
Sheryl Grutman
Edward Guttenplan
Marlene  Herman 
Sheryl Horowitz
Alexander Kemeny
Rosanne Koenigson
Laurie Landy
Rhonda Levy
Louisa Liechtung
Maxine Macnow
Susan  Mandell 
Leslie  Ostrin 
Devorah Pava
Ken Philmus
Judy Premselaar
Jodi Reich
Lauren Reich
Jeremy Renna
Larry Rosen
Rabbi Ari Saks
Francine Semaya
Eliot Spack
Robin Wander
Michael Wasserman
Phoebe Wofchuck 



Leaders Council 

Stuart Abraham
Irvin Baker 
Paul Berman 
Claire Boren
Stephen Bram 
Renee Bromberg 
Arthur Cohen 
Ira Dunst 
Joan Ellen 
Gloria Engel 
Elise Feldman
Justin Footerman 
Arlene Frumkin 
Arnold Gelfman
Shirley Godis 
Sidney Godis 
Kenneth A. Gordon 
Corinne Gorelick 
Jerry Gorelick 
Ronald Grayzel 
Linda Greenfield 
Seth S. Gross
Robert Grossman
Sheryl Grutman
Marlene Herman
Bernard Hochberg
Julian Hoffman
Joseph Hollander
Paul Jacobson
Rhoda Juskow 
H. Lawrence Karasic
Sylvia Kirshner 
Iris Kislin 
Beth Krinsky
Sandy Lenger 
Leonard Littman 
Lee Livingston 
Susan Mandell 
Wendy Marks
Rabbi Bennett Miller 
Gerald Ostrov 
Albert Passner 
David Portman
Hillel Raymon 
Norman Reitman 
Ruth Rosenfeld
Miriam Saruya 
Felice Schrager 
William Schwartz
Gilbert Schapiro
Jeffries Shein 
Ben Silberstein 
Barbara Spack 
Eliot Spack 
Robert St. Lifer
James  Stahl 
Theodore J. Stahl 
Brenda Tanzman
Roy Tanzman 
Ned Weiss 
Ruth Ellen Weiss 
Robert Weston
Phoebe  Wofchuck 
Richard Wolff 
Lawrence Zicklin