Women's Philanthropy

What We Do


Women philanthropists are the change-makers and community-shapers of the world. We are sisters and daughters, mothers and friends, compassionate and committed women at every stage of life and career.

The Federation's Women's Philanthropy engages Jewish women in the fulfilling work of making the world a better place. We are building and supporting Jewish life for today and generations to come. 



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Women in Action


Through our donations and services we help those in need, strengthen our global community, and respond to crises at home and around the world.


We are leaders and decision-makers. Our collective philanthropy enriches our own lives while improving the lives of others. Discover what's happening in our community now! 

Come as you are, give as you can, grow as you do


Federation women give with pride, passion and purpose. Every gift is important and every gift matters because each one builds the community we share. Giving your time and money through the Federation is the most powerful way to effect change in Jewish life.

Women who give financial gifts at the following levels are recognized through our giving societies:

  • Pomegranate Society – The pomegranate, a symbol of bounty, sustenance and strength, contains 613 seeds, representing each mitzvah in the Torah. The Pomegranate Society honors women who make a continuing, personal annual commitment of $1,800 or more to the Federation. Pomegranate donors are eligible to purchase and wear a specially-designed silver Pomegranate pin reflecting the beauty and strength of Jewish women.
  • Lion of Judah – Reflecting strength, honor and dedication, Lion of Judah honors women who make a continuing personal, annual commitment of $5,000 or more to the Federation. Lion of Judah donors are eligible to purchase and wear a Lion of Judah pin. As her contributions grow, a Lion of Judah donor is invited to accent her pin with the corresponding precious gem.
  • Lion of Judah Endowment – The strength and vitality of Women's Philanthropy continues through a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE). Establishing a LOJE enables women to leave a legacy to safeguard the values that inspire their personal commitment. A LOJE gift represents the creation of a permanent fund that will guarantee a women's financial commitment of at least $5,000 to be made to the Federation in perpetuity.