PJ Library Fun in Your Neighborhood

PJ Library Ambassadors help you and your family connect with friends and fun in the Jewish community, thanks to Jewish Federation and PJ LIbrary. Connect with other families, take part in live and virtual events, access educational activities just for kids -- and know that Jewish Federation is here to support you.


Connect with Local PJ Library Families

Connect with other families in your area by joining our PJ Library Parent Ambassadors' Facebook groups. Anyone raising Jewish children and grandchildren from birth through 12 years old is invited.


More PJ Library Resources

Here are other ideas for staying busy and having fun at home, from arts & crafts and cooking to family time, learning languages, and much more!

Our Own PJ 
Facebook Page 

Don't miss a moment of fun with PJ families, hubs, and events all across Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties. Follow our Facebook page today. 

PJ Library Virtual Events

From an online Passover Lego Challenge to sing-alongs and playdates, find lots of PJ events taking place online. 

Learn about Jewish Holidays

The saying goes: the holidays are always late or early... never on time. The good news is there's always one coming or going to learn about and enjoy. PJ Library and Federation's PJ Ambassadors make it easy.


Not a PJ Library Subscriber Yet?

Jewish Federation brings the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's PJ Library to the heart of NJ with free books and music for more than 2,500 children six-months to eight-years-old -- as well as PJ Our Way for nine- to twelve-years-old. PJ Library books and music arrive each month and celebrate Jewish holidays, themes, and traditions. Local events extend the PJ experience, including little ones in community fun with family and friends.