Who We Are

Like the diverse Jewish community we serve, we at the Federation are men, women, young and not-so-young, each practices Judaism in our own way -- or not at all. We're straight, gay, single, married, inter-married, Ashkenazi, and Sephardic... What we share is a desire to make a difference and the knowledge that Federation work is the best way to do the most good in the Jewish world. 


Professional Team


Susan Antman

Executive Director

Phone: 732.588.1800


David Blain

Database Volunteer

Phone: 732.588.1800


Elwood Class

Director of Finance & Administration

Phone: 732.588.1800


Lori Goldman

Director of Finance & Administration

Phone: 732.588.1800


Lisa Karasic

Chief Communications Officer

Phone: 732.588.1800


Amy Keller

External Affairs | Director of Security Initiatives

Phone: 732.588.1800


Rosalyn Perrone

Executive Assistant

Phone: 732.588.1800




Jason Randall
Marketing & Communications Associate
Phone: 732.588.1800

Jaqueline Roberman-Glyn

PJ Library Parent Ambassador | Manalapan/Marlboro Area

Phone: 732.588.1800


Dan Rozett

Manager, Community & Israel Engagement

Phone: 732.588.1800


Laura Safran
Director of Community Impact
Phone: 732.588.1800

Kelly Scarano


Phone: 732.588.1800


Jill Smith

Database Administrator

Phone: 732.588.1800



Board of Trustees



Mrs. Cheryl Markbreiter, President
Mr. Jeff Schwartz, 1st Vice President
Mr. Ed Guttenplan,  2nd Vice President
Mrs. Elise Feldman, 3rd Vice President
Dr. Murray Katz, Treasurer
Ms. Sheryl Grutman, Secretary

Committee Chairs

Mr. Mitchell Frumkin, Marketing & Communications
Mr. Joel Krinsky, Jewish Community Relations
Ms. Naomi Lasky, Outreach & Engagement
Mrs. Kristyn Mednik, Women's Philanthropy
Mrs. Pamela Neuman, Leadership Development
Mr. Ken Philmus, Impact & Allocations

Governors' Council Board Liaisons

Dr. Adrienne Ross
Mrs. Bonnie Leff

Governors' Council

Dr. Stuart Abraham
Mrs. Michelle Fields
Mrs. Joan Fischer
Ms. Phyllis Freed
Mrs. Wendy Friedman
Mrs. Arlene  Frumkin
Dr. Marlene  Herman
Mr. Liran Kapoano
Mr. Todd Katz
Mr. Alex Kemeny
Mrs. Melissa Kessler
Mr. Anthony Kestler
Mrs. Carol Kominsky
Mrs. Beth Krinsky
Mrs. Laurie Landy
Mrs. Bonnie Leff
Mrs. Amy Mallet
Mrs. Inbar Robbins
Dr. Adrienne Ross
Mrs. Marcia Schwartz
Mrs. Francine Semaya
Dr. Eliot Spack
Mrs. Brenda Tanzman
Mr. Roy Tanzman
Dr. Mike Wasserman
Mrs. Dara Winston
Mrs. Phoebe  Wofchuck

Our Partners

Federation convenes, collaborates with, calls upon, and catalyzes many organizations throughout the Jewish and secular communities' public and private sectors to understand and fill the most pressing needs in Jewish life. Our impact would not be possible without our partners near and far.