Four Weeks Only – See the Best Israeli Films

The 10th annual Israel Jewish Film Festival is back, presented by Axelrod Performing Arts Center. The four-week long showcase features 10 award-winning films in 6 locations across Monmouth and Greater Middlesex.

Featured films include The Unorthodox, Stockholm, The Other Story, You Only Di…

One Man's Good Deeds Reached Across Generations


Aliza’s oldest son, Marc, is not like her others. And knows it.

The 17-year-old is on the Autism spectrum. Aliza says, “He’s not really high functioning, and not really non-verbal. He’s in the middle. ”

For most of the year, Marc attends a state-funded private school. Summers, h…

Sarah Got the Full Israel Experience


Sarah Schildkraut, a local teen, recently participated in Write On For Israel, a competitive two-year leadership training and Israel engagement program for high school students sponsored by the Jewish Week. Federation is proud to promote our partners' Write On For Israel program among the …

Connecting Teens to Israel - One At a Time


Shelly Nezaria is a high school student from East Brunswick who sat on the 2018 Israel Teen Summit teen committee, assisting in the planning and organizing of the event. Shelly also received a grant from Jewish Federation towards her educational trip to Israel. The following is her open…

Dana’s Reflections After a Year in the Heart of New Jersey


A year and a half ago, I was accepted for a year of service by the Jewish Agency in the Jewish community in heart of New Jersey. As with anything new in life you go into for the first time, you do not really know what to expect. I tried to speculate as to how my days would look, what people …