30 2020


5 2020

PJ Library Passover Lego Challenge

12:01AM - 11:00PM  


Contact Inbar Singal

Join in the PJ Library Virtual Passover Lego Challenge, for a chance to win a Passover box full of activities for your children!

1. Create your Passover theme Lego art. Here are a few ideas: build a seder plate, a frog, a big Elijah's cup, the word Passover/Pesach in English or Hebrew, Pharoh, baby Moses in a basket, Moses splitting the sea, or anything else. Use your imagination and creativity.

2. Take a picture of what you built and post it on with the child's first name and age.

3. All families posting before Monday, April 6, will get into a raffle. Three families will win a Passover box. We will announce the winners on the PJ Library in the Heart of NJ Facebook page on Monday, April 6.

This is something the whole family can enjoy!

We can't wait to see what you make.

Sponsor: PJ Library