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Join us October 14-22, 2018

to see the Four Corners of Israel

When is the last time life surprised you? Many 20-somethings who go on Birthright Israel describe feeling emotions they didn't even know they had. Now you can capture those feelings of awe and wonder by joining Federation’s Four Corners of Israel community trip October 14-22, 2018.

Explore your Jewish roots: from the port city of Haifa, to the Kabbalah-rich city of Tsfat; roll over the beautiful hills of the Golan Heights; and see the holy city of Jerusalem. You'll be mesmerized by the Judean desert as you climb Masada and float in the Dead Sea. 

Want more fun? Celebrate 70 years of Israeli independence in Tel Aviv - with great beaches, diverse culture, and excellent cuisine. 

$1,999 LAND PRICE*

Those who choose to make a minimum donation of $360 to the Jewish Federation qualify for an early bird discount prince of $1,800. Must be paid by credit card in 12 monthly online payments of $180 each. Airfare additional. Group rates available or purchased on your own.

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For questions, contact Dan or call 732-588-1800.

*You may have noticed that we have an early bird package available until December 31 at a price of $1800 per person (double occupancy), but there are a few requirements in order to take advantage of this special promotion.  

Connecting people to Israel is a piece of the bigger mission of the Jewish Federation, much of which centers around philanthropy and giving back to the community.  We put in a tremendous amount of work (i.e. time and resources) to offer amazing trips at amazing prices, which we do not include in the trip price.  We do so not only to encourage as many from our community as possible to experience Israel and develop a personal relationship with the land and people - but also to encourage those who participate to contribute financially to the work we do in Israel and in the Heart of NJ.

The real cost of this trip is actually close to $1999 per person (the offer price - we don't try and make money on the program).  For those who are willing to commit to a minimum contribution of $360 to the Jewish Federation (either in the year of the trip or payable this year and next) AND pay the full cost of the trip (at the discounted price of $1800) over time (monthly) or up front, we are willing to offer this early bird special at BELOW MARKET prices.  This early bird approach - and investment on our part in terms of providing a discount on the actual cost of the trip - makes sense for the Federation since we actually pay deposits for this trip up front and can already count on donor support from these participants in the future.  

If for whatever reason participants don't want to commit now/up front to paying for the trip in full or monthly, or don't want to commit to a minimum contribution of $360, they can sign up after January 1st at the offer price of the trip at $1999.  Details about payment schedule will be shared then.  We will still ask everyone who journeys with us to make a meaningful contribution to the Jewish Federation (and pretty much everyone so far who has traveled with us has done so).  And there may even be other coupons/specials throughout the year - but none will be at a price this low.

This offer is a win-win for participants and the Jewish Federation.  We encourage you to sign up for the early bird special today!

Missions to Israel 


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December 25, 2017 to
January 4, 2018

Clergy Mission to Israel
January 16-24, 2018
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Four Corners of Israel
October 14-22, 2018

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Explore the past, present and future of Jewish life worldwide, while deepening your connection to the greater Jewish family. Forge bonds to last a lifetime and witness our impact as a global community thriving together.

Israel Trips for Young People

Did you know eligible teens can receive up to $1,000 to travel to Israel via Israel Travel Grants for Teens? Strengthen your knowledge and understanding of your Jewish heritage.



The Jewish Federation is proud to support Israel travel opportunities for young people through Birthright Israel for those 18-26 and through summer travel scholarships for those in high school.  

For details about Birthright or Israel travel scholarships for young people, contact Laura Safran by phone 732.588.1800 or email.