Alert: Phishing Scams Target Jewish Organizations

Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey's national partners from Secure Community Network (SCN) and our local partners of the Jewish Security Alliance (JSA), this summer, have reported incidents of phishing scams targeting multiple Jewish organizations. The scammers contact individuals, in some instances posing as clergy, to solicit donations via gift cards:
How does this work?
First, the scammers gain access to distribution lists by emailing organizations through a Gmail account that spoofs the email address of a known member/board member asking for a PDF of the membership directory.
Then, posing as a known trusted member/board member/clergy of the organization, the scammer reaches out to every listed person on the directory to request gift cards by text, email, or phone call.
What you need to know
Your Synagogue, day school, cultures center, and especially clergy will NOT ask for a gift card card. It’s a scam. If you are suspicious of any communication claiming to be affiliated with your synagogue or any affiliated organization:

  • Do not respond or engage in communication.
  • Do not forward the actual email or text!
  • Take a screenshot that includes the header or phone number and contact the organization immediately to confirm whether the request is legitimate.
  • Delete and block sender from your devices.
  • Follow our standard reporting procedures.

Additional information

This information is being supplied for awareness purposes. If you believe you are a victim of this scam or any suspicious inquiries, notify your local Police Department and submit an incident to Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey’s Security Initiatives. REPORT


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