Struggling Family Gets Respite with Need-Based Camp Grant

Mark’s wife, Miriam, had been living in a long-term care facility for mental illness. Mark cared for their children 9, 12, and 13. He worked two jobs and had had two heart attacks in five years.  Jewish Social Services sent Mark a food card each month and once in a while, he needed help with a utility bill.

Summer was fun-and-games time for his kids but, with school out, it was the most stressful season for Mark. He struggled to find a safe, affordable place for the kids so he could go to work. Without need-based camp scholarships from Jewish Federation, camp would not have been possible. For a family like Mark’s, camp is not a luxury. It’s a lifeline.

The year Mark’s kids received need-based camp scholarships, Federation funded 64 need-based camp scholarships, but had to decline 24 more. 24 children like Mark’s – children whose parents lost their homes, suffered life-altering illness, and even lost their lives – were turned away.

Each year, the number of applicants varies, but unmet need is a constant. Our Jewish community can do better — and we must.

Federation appeals to its donors so that more families like Mark’s receive the help they need and more children like Mark’s can be part of a vibrant and inclusive Jewish community along with their peers.

We as a Jewish community must do better.

$300 covers one week of Jewish day camp. If 10 people each give $30, or if five people each give $60, we can send one more kid to camp for a week. If enough people give, any amount, it all adds up. Will you be one of them?