JTEAM Teen Philanthropy

Teen philanthropy programs, such as JTEAM, give high school students a real-life opportunity to give away $5000 to make our world a better place. JTEAMers learn how to make the most of that responsibility by assesing needs, evaluating grant applications, advocating among their peers for their prefered recipients, and making community presentations. 


Teen Philanthropy Curriculum


The critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership skills teens gain serve them – and their communities – well through the high school and college years, and beyond.  Curriculum includes:  

  • What is a non-profit agency? 

  • What is a mission statement?

  • What are my values? 

  • Maimonides’ Ladder of Charity

  • Making presentations 

  • Establishing decision-making criteria

  • Assessing and comparing grant allocations  

  • Evaluating applicant impact and efficiency

Join us to making the world a better place! To participate during the 2018-19 season, for more information and to get involved, contact us.

More Leadership Development Opportunities

  • J-Serve

    J-Serve is the International Day of Jewish Teen Service filled with local community service projects with friends old and new.

  • Tanzman Fellowship

    Participants spend a year learning from experts, participate in a mission to Israel, and go on to assume a Federation leadership role.

  • Harriet Tabak Fund

    The Harriet Tabak Woman of Valor Fund provides grants for Jewish women to participate in leadership development programs.