Israel: Conflicts, Complexities, Context

Time and again we are confronted with negative opinions about Israel and the Jewish people. Here are some ways, using videos, podcasts, fact sheets, and more to learn the facts, and be prepared to counter false narratives, misinformation, and lies about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Click below to stay current by joining our mailing list. 



A historical look at Jews' connection to the land called Israel 


A look at how a modern movement to return to the Land became a reality

The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Information to help better understand one of the most complex conflicts in history

Tools and Talking

Useful resources to speak confidently about Israel and the Conflict


The Bigger Picture

Israel’s ongoing struggle for peace and security in a tumultuous region that all too often has denied the very legitimacy of a Jewish state

People you should know, follow and read on all things Jewish and Israel
[Look for their Instagram, Twitter, Op-Eds. etc]

David Horowitz

Bret Stevens

Khaled Abu Toameh

Yossi Klein Halevi

Bari Weiss

Blake Flayton

Jonathan Greenblatt 

Noa Tishby

Adar Weinreb

Hen Mazzig

Ashager Araro

Emily Schrader

Michael Dickson (author)

Yoseph Haddad 

Muhammad Zoabi