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Get ready to meet the movers and shakers, the intellectual powerhouses, and the thought leaders who are revolutionizing the Jewish landscape. Compliments of JewBelong, the following individuals and organizations are the driving force behind the changing face of Jewish conversations, each bringing their unique perspectives, wisdom, and charisma to the table. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and entertained!



The Israel Defense Forces

State of Israel


The State of Israel official account

Times of Israel


News site on Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world


Building flourishing Jewish communities 

Yoseph Haddad


Arab-Israeli advocate for peace and coexistence in Israel

Noa Tishby


Author. Fighter of antisemitism

Elizabeth Savetsky


Proud Jewish woman on a mission

Hananya Naftali


Hard hitting facts about Israel

Hen Mazzig


Son of North African & Iraqi Jewish refugees
Founder of The Tel Aviv Institute

Berel Solomon


Entrepreneur and Jewish community leader

Stop Antisemitism


U.S. based organization fighting antisemitism

Rudy Rochman


Judean warrior of light. Promoting understanding and dialogue

Black and Jewish Unity


Shaping the discourse for Black and Jewish activism

Emily Schrader


Speaker, writer, journalist and host

Jewish Lives Matter


Exposing and fighting antisemitism

Melinda Strauss


Fighting antisemitism through education

Rami Even-Esh


Jewish rapper and comedian

Yuval David


Jewish LGBTQ Activist, Emmy Award winning actor, filmmaker and journalist

American Jewish Committee

Global advocacy organization for the Jewish people

Stand With Us


Advocacy for Israel and Judaism worldwide