Hebrew Free Loans

Hebrew Free Loans provide members of the Jewish community with zero-interest loans and a personalized, confidential, and respectful application process for needs ranging from home repair, debt consolidation, and medical expenses, to starting and expanding a business, fertility care and adoption, and more. Amounts range from $500 to $5,000 for personal loans and potentially up to $25,000 for business loans. Since 2008, Hebrew Free Loan of NJ has given loans to more than 300 people in the total amount of $1.4 million. CORONAVIRUS IMPACT LOANS NOW AVAILABLE.



These loans are support an individual’s emergencies, large expenses or general needs, including medical expenses, debt consolidation, and home improvementd or repair. Loan amounts can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Housing/Home Improvement

These loans, up to $15,000, support an individual’s expenses related to housing or home improvement.

Building Jewish Families

These loans support the costs associated with fertility treatments, surrogacy, gestational carrying, and/or adoption.

Building Jewish Businesses

These loans of up to $25,000 assist Jewish entrepreneurs to either launch a new business or expand an existing one.


Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey (HFLNJ) will provide INTEREST-FREE loans up to $3,600 to support individuals and small businesses with financial challenges caused by the COVID pandemic.

Loans for Fertility, Adoption, and Surrogacy

Hebrew Free Loan of NJ is pleased to offer Building Jewish Families loans – interest-free loans to help defray the costs of adoption, fertility treatments, and surrogacy for families looking to raise and nurture a child or children in a home consistent with Jewish values and practices. 

Building Jewish Businesses

Launching or expanding your small business? HFLNJ will review your business plan and financials to provide an interest-free loan to help you get started or move to the next level.

Borrower's Obligations


Hebrew Free Loans are available to employed Jewish adults at least 25 years of age who have resided in Middlesex or Monmouth County for at least one year. Borrowers must have the potential to repay the loan and are required to provide post-dated checks in the full amount. Each loan must have at least one co-signer who lives in New Jersey. The co-signer becomes responsible for the loan repayment in the event the borrower cannot meet the obligation.


About Hebrew Free Loan


The original Hebrew Free Loan Association was founded in Newark in the late 1800s to aid the Jews migrating from Eastern Europe. Today, Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey serves Jews in Essex, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Sussex, and Union counties. In Monmouth and Greater Middlesex, the organization partners with the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey. The mission remains unchanged: helping Jews in need to become self-sufficient by providing interest-free loans. Please note Hebrew Free Loans are not for education-related use, such as tuition. LEARN MORE


Our Mission

Our mission continues to be the same since the 1800s: to provide interest free loans to members of the community to help them meet their financial needs with dignity.