Thanking You


The spotlight’s on you

This is the final week of the 100 Days of IMPACT. Thank you for coming along on a virtual journey. Thank you for your donations to the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey. You and your donations are what make this journey possible. And what a trip it’s been! 

Along the way, we’ve met JESSE from New Jersey and MIRIAM and BETH from Israel, all engaged in programs supported by the Federation. We’ve met MAX, and SELMA and EDIE, all of whom needed a hand but not a hand-out. We got to know BRETT and STACIE, exceptional teens on the path to becoming exceptional Jewish adults.  We also met JORDAN and HANNAH, and followed as their experiences overseas changed their perspectives.

On each stop to the 100 Days of IMPACT, we’ve learned a little more about how the work of the Federation, its partners, and its agencies assists, educates, and inspires people throughout the Heart of New Jersey. None of it could happen without you. So, YOU are the focus of this week’s story. YOU have IMPACT and it grows with every donation to the Federation. 

Thank you.