East Brunswick Yearbook Investigation Report Issued

East Brunswick High School, on June 19, released the report from an outside investigation of its 2024 yearbook incident. Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey observes that the report contains inconsistencies, leaves unanswered questions as to the progression of events, and reinforces concerns about the context in which events took place. 

Notwithstanding the details of the report, importantly, the yearbook incident has brought the larger issue of systemic antisemitism at this and other area schools into the clear light of day. Federation is now working more directly and deeply with school officials at local and state levels to ensure these schools course correct. Superintendent Valeski of East Brunswick has promised to work with Federation, beginning immediately, to address bias in the school. 

Even before East Brunswick's report went public, Jewish Federation had already arranged, along with Stacy Gallin, one of the leaders of The Marlboro Jewish Center - Ferencz Institute Center to Combat Antisemitism, for students who have experienced antisemitism at East Brunswick High School and at Marlboro Middle School, where a similar climate of unchecked hate has taken root, to meet with Senator Vin Gopal, Chair of the New Jersey Senate Education Committee, at his office in Trenton on June 20. 

We thank Senator Gopal for delving with us into this issue, and we applaud our teens for bravely and proudly speaking out for their peers, for themselves, and for what's right.

In a related development in Trenton this week, the State Senate committee responsible for hearing two bills aimed at stemming antisemitism, S1292 and S2937 - for which many Federation supporters joined us in intensive advocacy in recent months - advanced the bills. We are grateful to those who made their voice heard, including Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ Governors' Council and JCRC member, Liran Kapoano. CLICK to hear Liran's testimony and join us in thanking our lawmakers

The NJ Senate State Government Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee voted 4-1 in favor of Senate bills that will establish a statewide definition of antisemitism based on the IHRA definition, and its inclusion in all DEI curriculums taught by state institutions.

This is step one of several more hurdles S1292 and S2937 must overcome, including more legislative actions (the bills will now go to the full NJ Senate to be voted on later this year) and vehement opposition by historic numbers of anti-Israel, pro-Hamas, and other voices.

We will continue to build on these steps forward. 


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