Good Deeds Connect Teens to Jewish Values and Community

Jewish Federation offers a variety of leadership development programs that empower people of all ages to explore their commitment to Jewish causes, expand their understanding of communal needs, and hone their skills in engaging others to care about the future and wellbeing of the Jewish community.

One of our leadership development programs, J-SERVE, brings together teens and tweens in grades 6 through 12 for the International Day of Jewish Youth Service. Many choose to join the J-SERVE planning committee as well. The committee helps shape the experience for all participants and the impact they can create through hands-on service projects fulfilling Jewish values of caring, justice, and repairing the world. 

“I’m always looking to combine my Jewish heritage with my passion for helping others,” said Adi Beniluz, a volunteer leader of J-SERVE 2021. “I believe it’s my duty as a Jew and a human being to leave behind a better world than I was born into. At J-SERVE, my group led a beach cleanup. We felt like we were making a difference,” she added. 

Federation Executive Director, Susan Antman said, “Federation has always been about building community through volunteering. Our activities are, at their core, guided by the Talmudic wisdom that acts of human kindness are essential to tikkun olam, repair of the world. And, by extension, the welfare of our world depends on people strengthening their own communities by helping others.” 

Teens, like Adi, are often inspired to join the J-SERVE planning committee for the next year after participating in the day of service. Our hope is that these teens are inspired to continue as leaders in our community and continue making a difference in ways that are meaningful to them.

“I’m so grateful for the work of Jewish Federation that it is creating these opportunities for people like J-SERVE volunteers to make a more connected and moral Jewish community,” Adi concluded. 

Learn more about our leadership development opportunities by visiting this webpage.

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