Federation Helps Mother Navigate Fertility Issues

Rachel* and her husband had always planned on having children. As a young couple, most of their money went towards rent and other living expenses, but any leftover income was put into savings to be used towards their future family. After struggling to conceive, Rachel was finally able to get pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby.

A year later, the couple began trying for a second child and they continued to struggle with fertility issues. Rachel worked with her doctor to receive specialty treatments and even participated in clinical trials, to no avail. The treatments were draining, physically and financially. At one point, the couple had completely exhausted their savings, putting their family in a dire financial situation. With little money remaining, the couple began to feel hopeless, and Rachel reached out to Federation for support. 

We connected them to a community member with similar experience who has become an expert navigating the complex landscape of medical insurance for fertility solutions.

Federation also connected Rachel and her husband with our partners at Hebrew Free Loan of NJ, a nonprofit that provides interest-free loans to Jews in need for various reasons, and now has a special loan program for Building Jewish Families. 

With additional financial means provided through the right insurance and Hebrew Free Loan, the couple tried one final time to get pregnant, and this time it worked. Rachel gave birth again. 

Months later, the phone rang at the home of this family of four. The loan administrator told Rachel that an anonymous donor had learned about their situation and paid off the remainder of their loan. 

Rachel immediately started crying and said that she will forever be grateful to the Jewish community for their help in bringing her second child into the world. Now three years old, the toddler tells people, “I’m a miracle baby.” 

Thanks to Federation and the support of community members like you, we’re able to help build Jewish families in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties. Visit our Hebrew Free Loan page to learn more about how you can receive financial assistance for a wide range of needs. 

* Names and likenesses changed for privacy.

Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey fosters financial stability and opportunity among individuals by providing interest-free loans for a variety of purposes. Learn more about HFLNJ by visiting their website at hebrewfreeloanofnj.org or following them on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.