Need-Based Camp Scholarships

For families struggling to afford childcare when school is out, camp is not a luxury; it’s a lifeline. Jewish summer camp provides a safe and nurturing environment grounded in communal values of justice and caring. For families coping with mental illness or other crises, summer camp provides a much-needed respite for kids to be kids. And camp friends often become year-round confidants supporting each other through thick and thin. 


Why We Love Jewish Summer Camp


Helping children develop greater self-confidence, indpendence, empathy, and problem-solving skills, Jewish camp is a great investment in their future. Because young people who go to Jewish camp tend to stay involved in Jewish community as adults, it is also a sound investment in a strong future for the Jewish community  and the reason the Jewish Federation is proud to offer need-based scholarships for Jewish summer camp.


More Summer Options

  • Incentive Grants

    Jewish camps offer world-class athletics, arts, and specialties -- all wrapped up in a warm, values-based environment where young people connect with their Jewish identity and community.

  • Special Needs Scholarships

    Scholarships can help children with special needs reap the benefits of Jewish camp, building skills and confidence, making friends, and engaging in Jewish life among a lively and warm community.

  • Teen Travel Grants

    Trips to Israel connect teens to their Jewish identity and community. Grants up to $1000 make it possible for more young people to experience and form their own close relationship with Israel.