Moldovan Volunteer Helps Struggling Refugees at the Ukraine Border

Ecaterina is a volunteer in Moldova with our partners at the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). She never expected how chaotic the situation at the Ukrainian border would be. On her first day, she saw thousands of refugees pour into the makeshift camp. Some were tired and confused, while others were cold and hungry. She did her best to try and comfort families but was at a loss for words. “What do you tell these people after what’s happened to them?” she said. “No words can help. [There is] nothing you can say.” As she passed out food, some refugees cried out of gratitude for those willing to help them through this difficult time. Ecaterina plans to continue consoling families and helping where she can. “I want to believe that I will leave my mark. That there’s someone who will have a more successful, better life than the one they were able to walk, ride, or run away from [because of the work that I’m doing].”