The People We Help

Federation Shows Up - Sometimes in Surprising Ways

Not all needs filled by Jewish Federation fit into neat boxes and, often, when people don't know where to turn, Federation is their Jewish 411. We recently got a call from someone who didn't know where to turn for non-medical help while recovering from surgery – she wasn't sure even what…

The Path Becomes Clear After Federation Briefing

When these parents worried their children may have been affected by an antisemitic incident, they didn't know where to turn or to whom? They were surprised and relieved to hear Jewish Federation could help.

Camp Grant Recipient "Plays" it Forward

Sam received a One Happy Camper grant from Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ to try Jewish sleepaway camp when he was eight years old. When the time came for his bar mitzvah project, he wanted to pay it forward so that more kids from the local community could be encouraged to try Jewish camp.

No longer alone: Evgeniy, 95, says "Now we can see each other..."

Evgeniy, 95, says his new phone from the JDC "turns on and, my dear ones, I see you all. A huge thank you... Now we can see each other, talk to each other, share the sorrows and joys of others.” Jewish Federation is a proud, long-time partner of the JDC's in caring for elderly, isolated…

Mother and Daughter Thank Us for COVID-19 Emergency Aid

A single mom who has been working with the Jewish Family Service of Middlesex County (JFS) Women's Center was the recipient of a generous donation from Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey's COVID-19 Relief Fund. This enabled "Ms. B" to pay the rent she owed since becoming…