The People We Help

Including Hallel Brought Everyone together


Hallel has special needs but did not have the same summer camp options as her typical siblings -- until Shutaf came along. The inclusion program is a place for all Jews to connect with a joyful and supportive community.

Respecting Sam Brought Him Dignity in the End


After being found with no next of kin, no home, and no assets -- but a chai around his neck -- Sam received a proper Jewish burial because of the Federation.

Hannah Connected to Jews from Around the World


Hannah connected with young Jews from Eastern Europe and helped them connect with their Jewish identity -- during her summer at Camp Szarvas in Hungary.

Pairing Generations to Bond with Each Other


The seniors and teens thought they were just part of an inter-generational project, but they experienced genuine connections to each other -- filled with mutual learning, respect, and affection, as well as great hope for a strong Jewish future.

Advocating for Michail & Natalia Brought Them Home


25+ years ago, Jewish Federations across North America helped more than a million and ahalf Jews and their spouses from the Former Soviet Union resettle in the U.S., Israel, and beyond -- places where they could reclaim their Jewish identity, raise their children as Jews, and become part of…