The People We Help

Hannah Connected to Jews from Around the World


Hannah connected with young Jews from Eastern Europe and helped them connect with their Jewish identity -- during her summer at Camp Szarvas in Hungary.

Pairing Generations to Bond with Each Other


The seniors and teens thought they were just part of an inter-generational project, but they experienced genuine connections to each other -- filled with mutual learning, respect, and affection, as well as great hope for a strong Jewish future.

Advocating for Michail & Natalia Brought Them Home


25+ years ago, Jewish Federations across North America helped more than a million and ahalf Jews and their spouses from the Former Soviet Union resettle in the U.S., Israel, and beyond -- places where they could reclaim their Jewish identity, raise their children as Jews, and become part of…

Educating the Fishers Made them Part of the Community

a-school-made-the-fischers-part-of the-community

This transplanted family wanted a Jewish school for their children. What they got was a community for the entire family.