The People We Help

It's About Leah's Future, It's About Our Future


LEAH WILL CONNECT WITH ISRAEL THROUGH THE EITANIM ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM AND GAIN SKILLS TO BECOME A LEADER FOR THE JEWISH FUTURE...As a member of Eitanim, the program the Jewish Federation is bringing to the heart of NJ from the Israeli American Council, Leah will develop skills for succe…

It's About Matt

THE JEWISH FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHTER BECAUSE  MATT PARTICIPATES IN FEDERATION-SUPPORTED YOUTH PROGRAMS...Today, we can’t assume Jewish kids will grow up to be Jewish parents, community members, or leaders. We invest in them with programs that provide joyful Jewish experiences from birth…

It's About Julie

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JULIE MADE A NEW LIFE IN SAFETY FOR HERSELF AND HER KIDS AFTER FLEEING DOMESTIC ABUSE... When her husband’s violent behavior got worse, Julie and her kids fled. She also needed a lawyer for urgent financial and custody matters, but she couldn’t afford it.   
Federation-supported H…

It's About Ben


BEN GETS A BREAK FROM THE TROUBLES AT HOME WITH HELP FROM OUR CAMP SCHOLARSHIP... Mom went to live in a mental healthcare facility. Dad lost his job after having two heart attacks. Ben’s smile faded. If only he had some carefree kid time away from it all.  
Thanks to a need-based ca…

It's About Anna


THIS HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR IS NO LONGER A PRISONER IN HER OWN HOME... Anna couldn’t handle the steps in and out of her front door — or afford a ramp. 
With Federation support, Jewish Family Services secured funding to get Anna and her husband the ramp they needed — and now the coupl…