The People We Help

Moldovan Volunteer Helps Struggling Refugees at the Ukraine Border

Ecaterina is a volunteer at a refugee camp on the border between Moldova and Ukraine. She tells the story of her first day at the camp and her experience comforting and distributing food to families.

Ukrainian Turns Prayer into Action as His City is Bombed

Izya had just started his Shabbat morning prayers when a siren rang out across the city. After fleeing to safety with his family, Izya reflected on the unusual times he was experiencing.

Federation Partners Help Ukrainian Women Flee from War

Svetlana and Ida never expected the war to happen, but when the bombing started, they were forced to leave their homes in search of a safer life. Our partners at JDC reached out to them, helped them escape the chaos, and provided food and shelter.

Making a Difference for Ukraine's Jews Caught in Russian Conflict

Federation's partners on the ground in Ukraine and the region are sharing stories of the impact we are making through donor support, for people in Ukraine, refugees to places like Poland and Romania, and people looking to make Aliya.