Launching a New Year of JTEAM Teen Philanthropy


Meet Hannah, a high schooler who is on a mission. When Hannah first joined JTEAM, she was a quiet, serious student who didn’t know what to expect from the group of students she met or the activities that were a part of the program. But eventually she began to participate in the discussions…

Personal Images From a D-Day Hero Keep Memory Alive


Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day, now commonly referred to as the beginning of the end of WWII. 

We are reminded just how Great – with a capital G – a moment in history this was, and not just for those countries and peoples involved in the war, but for all mankind.

On behalf of …

Holocaust Survivor Scholarships Available at Stein Assisted Living


This announcement was issued by Jewish Federation's partner, Oscar and Ella Wilf Campus for Senior Living.

More than one third of Holocaust survivors living in the United States today live below the poverty line. Many live alone and cannot rely on family as caregivers. With a commitment…

Jewish Federation Invites Community to Join in Community Relations Work

The recent events in Highland Park highlight the community’s need to redouble efforts strengthening channels of communication and platforms for action both within the Jewish collective and between the Jewish collective and interfaith neighbors – all to navigate differences in a…

Tributes & Memorial Gifts - May 2019

To Michelle Fields and Family, in memory of Gene Forrest, from Cheryl and Lance Markbreiter, Sheryl Grutman; to Bonnie Komito, in memory of Stanley Komito, from Elise Feldman, Wendy and Jerry Marks, The Federation Board and Staff; to Judith Tennenbaum and Fa…