Tributes and Memorial Gifts - April 2019

To Saul Wasserman, in memory of Rebecca Wasserman, from the Federation Board and Staff; to Bernard Stern, in memory of Rhoda Stern, from the Federation Board and Staff; to Maureen Richardson, in memory of Marvin Richardson, from the Federation Board and Staff; to …

Speech Says Commemoration Is More Than Remembering

Holocaust remembrance ceremony at CHHANGE.jpg

This speech by Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa Karasic, was prepared for the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights, and Genocide Education’s (CHHANGE’s) New Jersey State Holocaust Remembrance program.  

Thank you, Dale. And thank you all for being here today. My name is Lisa Karasic, I am…

Saddened and outraged by the violent antisemitic attack at Chabad in CA

The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey is saddened and outraged by yet another violent antisemitic attack on an American synagogue, this time at the Chabad in Poway, California. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.


Within our local community, The Jewish Federat…

Words, Pictures, and the Meaning of Israel

Yaniv Shapira Mishkan Museum.jpg

Reflections from a recent trip to The Mishkan Museum of Art, Israel’s first art museum. Founded before Israel was a state, against significant odds, the Mishkan is now celebrating its 80th year. Today, it's collection and building hold great importance in the world of art and…

Expressing Empathy After Easter Attacks in Sri Lanka

Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey expresses empathy and solidarity following the hate-filled attacks across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. We share the sentiment of the following statement, issued by Jewish Federations of North America:

We were overwhelmed to learn about the horri…