Blessing One's Parents

If you are looking to add a Jewish spiritual aspect to Mother's Day or Father's Day, the following may serve to inspire you. Often, as children, our parents could do no wrong. As adolescents, our parents could do no right. When we become parents ourselves, we often come to understand why a…

Tributes and Memorial Gifts - May 2022

JEWISH FEDERATION N THE HEART OF NEW JERSEY                                                                                 To Joy and Maurice Zalta, Mazel Tov on the birth of their new grandson, from the Federat…

Federation Awards 130+ Summer Grants to Jewish Youth

Jewish Federation has awarded more than 130 grants for children and teens to attend Jewish camp and participate in Israel travel programs this summer -- a sound investment in our community's young people and our collective Jewish future.

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Shavuot

Learn why some synagogues use paper-cuts as decorations, how Israelis celebrate with water, and other lesser-known facts about the springtime holiday of Shavuot -- especially those making the festival great to celebrate with kids.

Shavuot Is a Major Holiday! Really!

It’s a shame that Shavuot has a relatively low profile in the non-Orthodox community, but make no mistake, it's a big-deal. Shavuot has many layers of meaning and ways to celebrate, with something for people of all ages and levels of observance. And then there's cheesecake!

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