Heart of NJ Goes to AIPAC


The heart of New Jersey’s Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties were well represented on March 24, at the 2019 AIPAC Policy Conference, the largest gathering of America's pro-Israel community. Jewish community and Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ leaders and supporters were among tho…

A Lasting Legacy


Attendees of the recent Teen Israel Summit were toddlers 15 years ago when Edith and Laurence Weiss made a legacy gift to the Jewish Federation. Yet because educating Jewish teens about activism and advocacy was their passion — and remains the Weiss family passion — the 120 summit partic…

Tributes and Memorial Gifts - March 2019

To Michael Chodroff, in memory Robert Chodroff, from the Federation Board and Staff; to Mark and Shelly Lampf and Family, in memory of Sanford Lampf, from the Federation Board and Staff; to Elizabeth King and Family, in memory of Donald King, from the Federatio…

My First Time "Visiting" Israel


Going back to Israel meant a lot to me. This was the first time going back since I’ve been in New Jersey, but it’s not really coming home, but rather home for a vacation, which made it a bit weird.

After six months, I couldn’t wait to see my family, my friends, and my home. I didn’t…

Donor Advised Funds Help Build Jewish Futures


As we enter the last month of winter, when we think of bundling up, it’s usually in the context of staying warm. This is also that time of year when most of us are filing our tax returns; bundling up in that context involves utilizing tax-saving strategies to take advantage of recent chang…