On Pickles, Meaning, and Life's Mysteries

While fermented foods are having a moment among culinary creators and health-conscious consumers — with surging interest in delicacies from miso, kombucha and kimchi to pickles, kraut, and kefir — did you know this trendy fare is deeply connected to Jewish history, culture, and thought?…

New Online Reporting Form for Threats, Incidents, Suspicious Activity

Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey announced that it has partnered with more than 40 other Jewish Federations and the Secure Community Network (SCN), a safety and security organization for the Jewish community in North America, to launch a new, standardized online form for the…

What is Suspicious Activity?

We are all familiar with the adage: If you see something, say something -- in other words, report suspicious occurrences or observations to law enforcement and, in the case of the Jewish community, to Jewish Federation's Security Director. But WHAT IS SUSPICIOUS and what should be reported?…

Broadening Leaders' Perspectives

This week's leadership development program was designed with the goal that each person emerge with a deepened appreciation for the complexity of issues facing our community and to hone Federation’s ability to respond.

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