The Lifesaving Work of Federations’ Core Historic Partners

Jewish Federations were prepared to respond immediately and effectively to the crisis in Ukraine because we were on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding countries before the crisis through the work of our core historic partners.

Statement on Unilever's Ben & Jerry's Decision

Jewish Federations respond to Unilever's statement condemning BDS and ensuring Ben & Jerry's ice cream will continue to be available in Israel.

Jewish Federations Applaud NJ 2023 Budget

Federation applauds the New Jersey FY23 state budget which provides vital funding to ensure the safety and security of nonprofit and religious institutions and supports our state’s most vulnerable populations.

Federation and Partners Highlight Impact of Ukraine War Response

119 days since war began in Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians, including an estimated 50,000 Jews, have fled. Jewish Federations have been central to the North American Jewish response to this international emergency. Federation and partners report on their impact to date.

180 Ethiopian Immigrants Became Israeli Citizens

180 Ethiopians immigrated to Israel as part of an effort to reunite Ethiopian families after, in many cases, more than a decade of separation.

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