The best and the worst

Challenging times can bring out the worst -- and the best -- in people. Learn what Federation is doing to combat anti-Semitism and join us to be part of the solution.

Determined in the Wake of Celebrity Antisemitism

The mainstream celebrities joining a recent chorus of slurs against Jews have glorified infamous anti-Semites and genocidal mass murderers. This groundswell of hate makes the world a more dangerous place and points to an urgent need for education, community relations, advocacy, and…

This week has been bitter and sweet

Of all the tasks we tackle at Jewish Federation, granting aid to people in need is one of the most heart-warming AND heart-wrenching -- at the same time. Read how our Federation helped the community this week.

Synagogue Leader Shares Praise for Jewish Federation

Feedback on Federation... a recent note from board member, Amy Mallet, to president, Cheryl Markbreiter, relays appreciation for Federation and our team, especially at this difficult time.

Update on Federation COVID-19 Relief

This week, when Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey's COVID-19 Emergency Relief committee met, the group evaluated the most recent applications for grants from people hard hit, financially, by the COVID-19 crisis. What was remarkable was just how unremarkable the applicants and…